We cannot change anything unless we accept it.
— C.G Jung


Each person that comes into my practice is unique. As a result, my theoretical framework will depend on your specific needs. My approach is humanistic and integrative with Transactional Analysis as my prime theoretical model. 

During infancy, we develop a way of being which enables us to survive the best way we can within our environment. During our life, these strategies, which were once useful, can become destructive; as life goes on often we unknowingly replay these painful or unpleasant patterns during times of stress.

Psychotherapy enables us to 'update our software' by looking at the roots of the issue along with current elements which are sustaining them, using existing tools and developing new ones to allow you to flourish into the person you desire. 



It is common that when a person comes to therapy they are unsure what to expect. We usually meet once a week and more sessions can become available if or when needed.

Individual sessions: 50 minutes
12’s and under: 40 minutes
Couples sessions: 60 minutes

A relationship with a therapist is very different from one you would expect to have with a friend, co-worker or partner; we form a professional, intimate relationship, looking at what you want from therapy; once a clear goal is established, we work together to support you to make these desired changes.

Your experience with me will be non- judgmental, confidential and in a safe space. I will treat you with respect and integrity, allowing you to explore and understand yourself at a deeper level. It is not unusual to experience various thoughts, feelings and behaviour during your therapeutic journey, including times of difficulty and joy.

It is very common for many of us to become so busy with family, work, children, schedules etc that we do not always allow ourselves space and time to just 'be'. As a result, we can sometimes find it very difficult to relax and become fully present in the moment.
If desired; I incorporate relaxation / mindfulness techniques into peoples sessions.